The Best GIS Software for Windows

There are many GIS Software available on the net. Varying from free to paid version. On this page, you will find many powerful GIS Software that runs on Windows OS. that can be useful to support your GIS work. Well, some of them are free but we also put the paid or commercial software to this list. This page is subject to further update. If we found any interesting GIS software, we will put them on this list. We proudly present the Best GIS Software for Windows. Please note that this list is very subjective and based on our own experiences only.

The Best GIS Software for Windows

  1. ESRI ArcGIS Pro

    ArcGIS is a well known GIS Software for Windows. Their latest ArcGIS Pro is a great solution for you who are looking for a complete, stable and rich features GIS Software for Windows.

    ArcGIS Pro has many improvements and a brand new Ribbon user interface.

    We will not explain more about ArcGIS here. There will be a dedicated section on this website that will discuss ArcGIS.

  2. Datamine Discover

    Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional is another great GIS software for Windows. This software is a popular application among exploration and mining companies. In 2017, Datamine acquired Encom Discover Mapinfo Professional. Now, this software is part of Datamine software suite. The Discover modules add more functionality to Mapinfo so, it can handle drill holes, raster and many other types of data. You can find our Mapinfo tutorial on this page.

    Go to MapInfo Tutorial

    3. Global Mapper

    Global Mapper 19.0 is an all in one GIS software for Windows. The new Global Mapper 19.0 is available when this post is written. This is one of our favorite software. Global Mapper supports many many GIS file formats that help us to convert from one software to another.
    Click for more Global Mapper Tutorial.