MAPublisher Tutorial for Beginners

Hello everyone, welcome to Free GIS Tutorial website and we welcome you to our MAPublisher Tutorial for Beginners. I am going to dedicate this page to MAPublisher, an additional software for Adobe Illustrator for GIS/Mapping. It’s a great piece of software where combines GIS and vector graphic. I am new to this MAPublisher and I am going to share my learning progress with you. I will keep updating this page, so if you want to learn this software, I suggest you bookmark this page.

MAPublisher Tutorial for Beginners

A. Installation and Settings

MAPublisher requires Adobe Illustrator to work. It’s not a standalone application. Make sure you install Adobe Illustrator prior to MAPublisher installation. You can download the free trial version from this link. Please note that MAPublisher is not free, you must purchase it if you want to use it for long period. We do not provide MAPublisher full version, keygen, activation key etc. To purchase, please visit this page.

After you download and install MAPublisher, it will automatically configure and integrate with your Adobe Illustrator. When this post is being written, MAPublisher 10.0 is available but it does not support Adobe Illustrator 2018 yet.

B. Introduction

  1. Import Mapinfo Table to MAPublisher. This short tutorial will guide you how to import Mapinfo Table into MAPublisher.