Leapfrog GEO Tutorial for Beginners

Hello everyone. Leapfrog Geo is one of the most popular 3D geological software. It has so many features but it is still very easy to use, even for a beginner. Not like other geological software, Leapfrog Geo is pretty easy to learn, and intuitive. Compared to Micromine, Leapfrog Geo is way easier and simpler. On this page, you will find many links to my individual post about Leapfrog Geo. For more information and pricing, please visit the official Leapfrog Geo website.

I want to dedicate this page to Leapfrog Geo for Beginners. I will summarize all the articles related to Leapfrog Geo on this page. So, it should be easier for anyone who wants to select any section on this page. This page will be updated regularly, so please bookmark this page to get the most updated information about Leapfrog Geo.

This page will cover some basic tasks to start using Leapfrog Geo. No matter which version you have, most of this article can be used as a guide. This guide cannot be compared to the official help page of Leapfrog. You may check their great tutorials and help for Leapfrog here.

Leapfrog Geo Tutorials for Beginners

Download Tutorial Data

If you want to start learning Leapfrog Geo, you may need to download their tutorial data. This data contains a Leapfrog 4.0 project (upgradeable to the recent Leapfrog version). It is a good way to start learning Leapfrog Geo. Please download using the below link

Leapfrog Tutorial Data Download

A. Project Management

Leapfrog uses the term Project to refer to the workspace. The Leapfrog project contains all files we’ve imported to the current project. We can easily save a copy or backup as a zip file. If you work on different areas, it is recommended to separate them into different projects.

  • Create a New Leapfrog Project
    To create a new project in Leapfrog, you can refer to this article on how to create a new project in Leapfrog Geo 4.0. If you run a newer version, the steps are pretty much the same.
  • Backup a Leapfrog Project

B. Data Preparation

Leapfrog Geo supports various data types. We must prepare the data and then bring the data to Leapfrog using Import mode.