How to Enable Extensions on ArcMap 10.7

To improve the performance and usability of the ArcMap, you will need extensions. There are several extensions that you can purchase. If you are running ArcGIS for Personal Use, you will get the following extensions for free. Data Interoperability3D AnalystArcScanGeostatistical AnalystPublisherSchematicsSpatial AnalystTracking Analyst I may not use all of them


How to Create Hillshade from DEM on QGIS

DEM or SRTM data is a topography model with elevation information in it. We can display this data in QGIS in various mode such as hillshade, multiband, singleband etc. In this article, we are going to focus on the Hillshade. When the DEM or SRTM data is rendered using hillshade,