How to Install QGIS on Fedora 31

The new version of Fedora 31 and QGIS 3.10 have been released. Today, I am going to install QGIS on Fedora 31. It is very interesting to try new OS as well as new version of QGIS 3.10. During my test, QGIS runs very well on Fedora 31. I don’t


Create Spatial Index on QGIS

I was dealing with a huge contour layer. And it takes very long time to completely load the layer. Even I have a good computer specs, QGIS will still suffering to load it. But, there is a simple trick to make layer load faster. In this article, I am going

Leapfrog Geo,

Download LeapFrog Geo Tutorial Data

If you want to learn more about LeapFrog Geo software, you will need this data tutorial. This example data contains many files you need to create a build geological model within LeapFrog. If you purchase the full version of LeapFrog Geo, you should have this data to get started. What’s