A Complete Micromine Tutorial for Beginners

We would like to dedicate this page for anyone who wants to learn Micromine. This Micromine Tutorial contains basic and advanced aspect of Micromine. I realize that there are not many tutorials for Micromine out there. And Micromine also is not a common software for most people. It’s an expensive piece of software that used by exploration and mining companies. Not all people get access to this software. Looking for Micromine crack? Well, that also not an option. It’s very difficult to get the cracked version of Micromine. If there is cracked version, it must be very old version. But anyway, I will dedicate this page to anyone who wants to learn Micromine. I am using Micromine 2013 and also Micromine version 11.0. Pretty old but it still very powerful and useful.

micromine tutorial

Micromine Tutorial for Beginners


Data Operation

Data Display


Micromine is a great software to handle drill hole database. We can easily display 3D drill hole, create geological interpretation and resource calculation. The following sections will discuss about drill hole in Micromine.


In the following section, you will find some tutorials that show the gridding process in Micromine.

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