QGIS Tutorial for Beginners

qgis tutorial

QGIS Tutorial – A Practical Approach

QGIS has become a great free GIS software. It’s available for various operating systems including Windows, Mac and also Linux. QGIS comes with many premium features you need to build great maps, GIS databases and many more. I am going to dedicate this QGIS Tutorial for Beginners page for everyone who wants to learn more about QGIS. I am going to update this page regularly so please bookmark this for future tutorials, tips, and tricks. If you have any questions, please leave us your message and we will try to respond it as soon as possible. We do hope that this tutorial is going to be useful for anyone who want to learn GIS.

Section 1. Introduction and QGIS Installation

This section gives a quick introduction to QGIS and the installation process. QGIS is available for various operating systems including Windows, Mac and also Linux. You can grab the latest version from the official website at http://download.qgis.org/

Section 2. Data Interoperability

On this section, you will learn how QGIS handles various data types, how to open and import files to QGIS. You can also see how to use the online data source using WMS, WMTS service.

Section 3. Data Display

Learn how we display various spatial data into QGIS Canvas. We also learn how to change the display properties such as color, line width, size and so on.

Section 4. Database Connection

On this section, we will learn some basic database operation on QGIS. QGIS supports several spatial databases such as PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, SQLite/Spatialite database.

Section 5. Data Manipulation

This section will discuss how to modify tables, layers or data in QGIS.

Section 6. Vector Operation

You will find many QGIS tutorial that related to vector operation.

Section 7. Map Output

On this section, you will find some tutorial to produce maps as output in QGIS.